Urpgor's Island is a floating Urpney-made Island that has the foliage of fake grass, trees, and a volcano that makes smoke through a smoke machine. It is row powered, and can carry one Whirleyped in it's hull.

It was cooked up in Urpgor's head, whilst in his Mudbath, as a means of hiding The Dreamstone from the Noops. However the plan was botched after the lazy Urpneys steering it got sick of Urpgor's slave dragging and retreated, leaving it out of sight and for Blob and his men to mistake a nearby real volcanic island for Urpgor's imitation, with the Noops following. After losing the stone when the island erupted and sank (with the Noops recovering it in the nick of time), the Urpneys assumed it was destroyed along with it and rowed Urpgor's Island back home, only for it to collide with another island, and then sank into the sea, leaving them a long swim back to Viltheed.


Season 2: Urpgor's Island