The Dreamstone's Intro uses it's own enhancement of animation whilst the narrator explains of what the entire plot of the series is.


Once more, we travel to the Land of Nightmares,

To discover there beneath the black mountain of Viltheed,

The loathsome Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares.

Hatching his monstrous plot to fought the Dream Maker,

so that his nightmares might rule.

Far beyond the forest of the Wutts, where Pildit,

Leader of the Wutts and his companions guard the Land of Dreams.

The Noops live in the Land of Dreams, and these are two of them,

Rufus and Amberley, assisting the Dream Maker and his watchdogfish Albert,

In assenting of tonight's dreams, through the most precious and powerful object in the land,

The Dreamstone.

Zordrak, is not alone in the Land of Nightmares,

He is surrounded, protected and served by his tough,

highly trained and dedicated troops,

The Urpneys.


  • The intro animation (by Fil Cartoons) is used unaltered throughout the entire series (causing conflict with design changes in later episodes). Some sound effects are changed however. Season Two onwards, Peter Craze's narration is redone by Gary Martin, and the clips of Better Than A Dream and The War Song Of The Urpneys are changed to instrumental versions. Seasons Three and Four also add a few extra sound effects.
  • At the beginning of almost every episode, the Narrator will introduce the audience to Sgt Blob by saying This is their commanding Officer, Sgt Blob. Exceptions will cut to the Land of Dreams or introduce another character (usually Frizz and Nug).