The Dreamstone is a 2018 American TV series; ideal by Jordan Erwin and based on the original series by Mike Jupp and Martin Gates.

Notes and Summaries Edit

  • This series was based on 2018 comic book series by Jordan Erwin
  • They have all American star cast rather than dumb old English/British accents
  • It have the same sequence of Adventure Time Regular Show and Over The Garden Wall does on Cartoon Network
  • This is the first time Monster Entertainment have their first production of that series
  • This has NOTHING to do with Martin Gates nor Sue Radley since they both retired from filming almost 20 years ago
  • This has nothing to do with the first sequences in every Dreamstone episode with the Urpneys goes first instead of the main protagonists.
  • This series' plot is different from the original series
  • This series is rated TV-PG-V
  • It will have Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall style of animation in them
  • Corporal Nug is now a male in this series

Plot Edit

This series follows Rufus a young red haired human teenager and his two best friends Amberley and Xavier (new character created by Erwin) and other friends Pildit and Wildit to quest an adventure to get the Dreamstone before Zordrak set to destruction of The Land of Dreams before it's too late.

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