The Dreamstone is a 2018 American unpublished comic book series written and illustrated by Jordan Erwin and gonna published by Appalshop Comics.

Summary Edit

Based on the 1990 British animated series by Mike Jupp and Martin Gates,this Dreamstone series is always about humans but kept the noop and wut tribes since this series is supposed to be in the future (which is in the year 2817) when Democracy was dead and Utopia era is coming to emerge.

Trivia Edit

  • The main antagonists of The Dreamstone are supposed to be humans
  • Pildit's nickname is "Olympia" and he's a female
  • This series took place in the future when Democracy was dead and Utopia era is coming to emerge, which is in the year 2817
  • Zordrak was used to be human in the past
  • Corporal Nug is a female
  • Wildit is Pildit's cousin and sometimes don't get along
  • Amberley have blue hair instead of red hair
  • The Dreamstone style of cartoon is influenced by Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears, Clarence, The Bravest Warriors, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Costume Quest (2018 TV series)
  • The Dreamstone is a hexagon shape rather than the original shape from the original series
  • The characters have American Southern accents rather than British/English accents from the original series
  • Xavier is the new character from this series and Rufus' best friend from high school
  • Rufus, Amberley, Xavier, Pildit, and Wildit are considered teenagers and still in high school; Rufus, Xavier, and Amberley are 14, and Pildit and Wildit are 16.

Characters Edit

The Land of Dreams Edit

The Dreamstone Title Card (12-08-2017)

The Dreamstone main characters from left to right: Rufus, Amberley, Xavier, Wildit, and Pildit (Olympia)

The Land of Nightmares Edit

Gallery Edit



Ambeley in Rufus' Fantasy

Amberley in Rufus' fantasy

Amberley and Rufus

Amberley and Rufus

Amberley's having a Nervous Breakdown

Amberley having a Nervous Breakdown

Rufus and Amberley -1

Rufus and Amberley

Rufus and The Argorribles

Rufus and the Argorribles

The Dreamstone -1

Main characters from The Dreamstone (from left to right): Rufus, Amberley, Xavier, Wildit, and Pildit (Olympia)

The Dreamstone -2

Rufus (with the Dreamstone) and Amberley

The Three Notable Urpneys

Sergeant Blob, Corporal Frizz, and Corporal Nug



Page -17




Wildit in Season 1 and 2 (1990-91)


Olympia (Pildit)

Pildit (Olympia)

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