The Spidermobile is a large spider shaped tank invented by Urpgor.


The Spidermobile has cannons from which it shoots web-like nets to restrain enemies. It also has a strong outer case to shield itself from powerful attacks and is capable of transporting underwater.

The vehicle proved to be one of Urpgor's most efficient inventions yet, and one of the few Blob and his men used with competent precision. Even the strongest attacks from the entire Wutt army proved useless against it, and not only was it's run to take The Dreamstone successful, but it managed to neutralize almost everyone in the entire Land of Dreams. It's only downfall was a tendency to break down at inconvenient spots.

The vehicle remained undefeated, the Noops instead had to get back the stone by the blunders of Zordrak and Urpgor, much to the amusement of Frizz and Nug, who the vehicle had granted a rare smooth ride.

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  • The Spidermobile holds the honoured record of being Urpgor's most unstoppable invention:
    • It is one of very few of Urpgor's inventions to have remained throughout it's appearance in the series in pristine condition (though it broke down once temporarily).
    • It stands as only form in the series shown capable of withstanding the power of the Wut's globes completely.
    • It has defeated every single member of the Land of Dreams aside from the Dream Maker and Albert (and has defeated Pildit twice).