Robobird is an invention of Urpgor's created to steal The Dreamstone.


The Robobird is a small robotic bird, created to entrance people with it's beautiful singing (it is designed to be ineffective against evil personalities such as Zordrak however, who hears it only as an unbearable din). Despite being man made, it seems to be programmed with male attributes, being programmed with a sentient (and ultimately disobedient) personality.

Even before starting, it's mission was disastrous. Frizz and Nug happened upon the Robobird while inside Urpgor's lab, immediately left in a blissful trance by it's singing and leaving Viltheed with the bird. Sgt. Blob traces them down, only to be lulled by it's singing in turn, though releases it in his trance, breaking them from it's spell as it flies away.

The bird eventually finds the Noops. While failing to entrance them, Rufus is nevertheless charmed by it's singing and recklessly decides to experiment using the song in a dream (despite The Dream Maker's previous warnings), upon which it snatches the stone and flies away. Urpgor's delight is cut short however, as the Robobird malfunctions and mistakes the stone for an egg, flying it onto a perch on a cliff and disobeying Urpgor's commands. Urpgor finally manages to distract it by creating a female Robobird to woo it, however by this point, the Noops manage to get the stone back with help from Pildit, while the two Robobirds fly away.

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