Title Leader Of The Wutts
First Appearance Into Viltheed
Gender Male
Race Wutt
Powers Skilled leaf flyer, agile in combat, some known telepathic abilties.
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations Wildit (Grandmother), Spildit (cousin), Pildit I (Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather).

Pildit, also known as Pildit VIII is the Leader of the Wut army who reside in the forest of the Land of Dreams. He serves as a recurring protagonist in the series.

Pildit is voiced by Derek Wright.

Background and RoleEdit

Pildit is the Leader of the Wut army and leads them in any war against the Land of Dreams. He is also often called upon to help individually with the Dreammaker or the Noops should a problem occur.


Pildit is usually mellow, serious minded and somewhat deadpan. Such traits usually make him a clear contrast to his hyperactive and jovial grandmother. He seems to be thick skinned as result, rarely getting frustrated and even shrugging off direct attacks from Zordrak himself. He seems to have a poor sense of humor however, including his ventriloquist's toy Shakespeare, which turns out to be a gruesome appearance and poorly condition, which broke and fell part onto Pildit's Lap, that scares audience away like magic.

He is an old friends of the Dreammaker, and seems acquainted with the many tasks of dream making, even being called upon to take over in his absence.


Pildit is a tall lime colored Wut with dark green speckles all over his mussle and chest. He has a long orange mane that grows from his head and his neck, and a lime and dark green striped tail.

also Pildit wears a Big Brown Moustache while he plays on Shakespeare

Episode FilmographyEdit


  • Pildit being called Pildit VIII could be a parody on Henry VIII or Edward VIII
  • PIldit's Moustache (when plays with Shakespeare) was Reused for Lionel in Budgie The Little Helicopter.
  • In the 2018 comic book version of The Dreamstone (written and illustrated by Jordan Erwin) that Pildit is a female for which the Wuts are one single female tribe but no males remain.