Since its creation, The Dreamstone has been broadcast in many languages other than English.


In France, the series is called "Le Cristal Magique"



German titles for The Dreamstone.

In Germany, the series is called "Der Traumstein".


  • The Dream Maker/Der Traummacher - Jochen Schröder
  • Rufus - Björn Schalla
  • Amberley - Katja Strobel
  • Pildit - Reinhard Kunert
  • Mr Blossom - Alexander Herzog
  • Zordrak - Tilo Schmitz
  • Sgt. Blob - Helmut Krauss (Season One)
  • Frizz - Santiago Ziesmer
  • Nug - Uwe Paulsen
  • Urpgor - Lutz Mackensy (Season One)/Santiago Ziesmer (Season Two)


  • For the German dub, the series was split and aired as two twenty six-episode seasons rather than four thirteen-episode ones.
  • A modified opening with a translated title card plays in this region (compared to most other dubs which use the unaltered English titles).
  • The German dub of the first episode omits the introduction, instead using the show's standard opening before cutting to the post credits scene of the Noop village.


In Italy, the series is called "La Pietra Dei Sogni".


In Poland, the series is called "Klejnot Snów".


In Portugal and Brazil, the series is called "Pedro Dos Sonhos".


  • Only Season One and Two were dubbed and aired in Portugal and Brazil.


In Russia, the series is called "Камень сновидений".


  • The dub uses a voice over method, as the Russian voice track is layered over the original English track, a common practice in Eastern Europe.


In Spain and Latin America, the series is called "Pedra Dos Sonhos".


  • The Dream Maker/Senhor dos Sonhos - Francisco Borges
  • Rufus/Rufos - Orlando Viggiani
  • Amberley/Ambarina - Neuza Azevedo
  • Pildit - Luiz Antônio Lobue
  • Wildit - Zaíra Zordan
  • Zordrak - Arakén Saldanha
  • Sgt. Blob/Sargento Verruga - Ézio Ramos
  • Frizz - Élcio Sodré
  • Nug - Wendel Bezerra
  • Urpgor/Biruta - Carlos Silveira
  • Narrator - Waldir de Oliveira


  • Only Seasons One and Two were dubbed and aired in Spain and Latin America.

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