Urpgor presents his Locustmobile.

The Locustmobile was an old invention of Urpgor's. It's original purpose is unknown though it came in convenient when the Urpneys were tasked with destroying the leaves of the Wutt Forest.


The Locustmobile is a flying machine that resembles a Locust, with flapping motorized wings. It has a trap door, in which Frizz and Nug used to drop leaf eating bugs over the Wutt Forest. The vehicle proved unstable however (which according to Nug at least, was a result of Urpgor rushing the vehicle in his excitement), and broke down and crashed midway through the mission, with the now unarmed Urpneys forced by the angry Noops to clean up the mess they had made.


Season 2 - Wildit's Whistle

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