Dream Bubbles are the creations of The Dream Maker and the means to send good dreams to The Sleeping World.


Dream bubbles are artificially made bubbles made of multiple ingredients to create the positive elements of a good dream. The key ingredient is a backdrop or imagery that the Dream Maker creates magically through his imagination wall and then shrinks into bubble form. Other bubbles are created via his machinery and spells, consisting of sunshine, music and laughter and placed alongside it. Other elements such as pleasant scents can also be placed into dream to make it more pleasurable, though adding to a dream must be treated carefully.

The contents of the bubbles are sent magically through the beams of The Dreamstone. After the dream is finished, the bubble floats away and begins to deteriorate and eventually pop into nothing, though if lasting long enough can travel to someone else's mind in the form of a hazy image, thus creating daydreams.

Bubbles are usually small so as to be compact and fit into containers such as Dream Bottles, however they can be made in large size, if large enough for a person to fit into they can actually interact with the contents of the dream (Daydream Bubbles are made primarily for this purpose). People can also travel into dreams via the beams of The Dreamstone or through the Dream Maker's imagination wall, albeit minimized.