Baby Ribbon the Blue Noopling
Title Baby Noop
First Appearance
Gender Male
Race Noopling (Noop)
Powers None (mortal in power, but agile and resourceful at times).
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations Rufus (father)
Amberley (mother)

Baby Ribbon the Blue Noopling is a Blue Noopling was a Biological Birth son of his father Rufus and his mother Amberley.




Baby Ribbon is a Blue-Furred Noopling with a Blue Bonnet.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • TBA (as a Baby and Toddler)
  • Ruchard Crosby Pearce (as a Teenager)
  • TBA (as a Middle age)
  • TBA (as Old)


  • When Ribbon as a Teenager, he speaks soundly same to Budgie from Budgie the Little Helicopter.
  • When Ribbon as a Middle Aged Noop, he speaks soundly same to Baloo from Disney's The Jungle Book (1967)


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